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  • Special Clean Anti-Microbial 

  • Stretchy band for IV starts

  • ​For arms, legs and head

  • Comes either Straight or Circle

  • Single-Patient use

  • Packaged 6/pkg, 4 pkg/case

Climate Cover


  • Micro Environment

  • Helps to regulate temperature while infant is under an open radiant warmer

  • Holes and flops for tubing

  • Can be X-Rayed

  • We call it a poor mans giraffe

  • Must be used with O2

  • Reduces insensible water loss

  • Maintains neutral thermal environment

  • Allows easy care through large arm openings on both sides to access infant

  • Can be an oxy-body hood

  • Has all O2, blow-by and temp ports

Arm Immobilizer


  • For broken clavicle births

  • Soft neck support - won't cut infant

  • Stretchy rochelle to support arm

  • adjustable tabs for fit

  • Single-Patient use

  • Packaged 6/pkg, 4 pkg/case


  • Quilted inner liner to absorb fluid

  • Plastic outer liner to keep in warmth

  • Great for delayed bathes

  • Disposable and affordable

  • Available in 2 sizes

  • Re-closable for easy access

Keep Your Baby Warm


  • General Info book

  • How to bond with infant

  • What to expect in the NICU

  • Signs of stress or over-stimulation

  • Age-appropriate care, which includes checklists for how parents can help

  • Skills parents should have when baby is discharged

  • Sold with or without suction hooks

  • 50/box

What to Expect

in the NICU


  • Patient Gowns

  • Easy hook and loop front closures- can open for procedures or observation

  • Multi-color animal pattern

  • Poly-cotton knit faabric

  • Machine washable

  • Packaged 12/kg. 4 pkg/case

Premie & Newborn Gowns

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