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Comfort & Stress Relief


Available with Knit, Fleece or Disposable

fitted covers. Covers are machine washable

Multiple patient use.   


The Calming cuddle blanket is a weighted blanket and  part of therapeutic positioning and  when used with other Small Beginnings products such as the Diana Bed Buddy, Bed Buddy,  or a simple swaddle, the clinician is promoting improved rest and growth with more energy for breast feeding.  If the baby feels more comfortable and contained, they are more likely to be calm, sleep sounder, and gain more weight, which could lead to an earlier discharge. Sensory input supports physiological stability, assists neuro-muscular development, can help maintain flexion , assists with self soothing and behavioral organization.

Only available in knit

Simple Triangle Shape!  No difficult instructions TO frustrate nurses

Quick and easy to put on baby, perfect for baby as they progress toward discharge. Can promote flexion, calm state, safe sleep, and give appropriate sensory input. Machine washable, available in 2 colors – pink and blue and in  2 sizes – Preemie 5 lbs. and below and Newborn 6 lbs. and above


Catalogue Page
Catalogue Page


  •  Reversible fleece on one side and knit on the other

  • Bundled baby feels more secure

  • Hood to cover head

  • Available in 3 sizes

  • Ultra Preemie available with pockets for heel warmers


Available in knit or fleece only


  • Reduces infant stress in the NICU

  • Quilted fabric for noise reduction

  • Gray inner fabric to improve rest

  • Can be embroidered with hospital name

  • Folds into a "Quillo"

  • Can be used as a discharge gift

  • Machine washable

  • Flame resistant

  • Skin to skin ot Breastfeeding Cover

  • Large neck opening for nurse consultancy and observation

  • Strap at shoulder to hold IV, ET tubing

  • Front hook and loop opening

  • Multi-color animal pattern

  • Machine washable 

  • Soft fleece or knit fabric

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