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Comments by nurses

that have trialed our new

"Wonder Star"

05A Knit or Fleece


05C knit or Fleece the shape and feel....

....seems to be just the right

...amount of gel beads is perfect

....not too little, not too much


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Knowledge is Power

Reducing stress may help in reducing problems later

Excessive crying in preemies linked to later behavioral problems
Among 180 premature babies born with very low birth weight, excessive crying was associated with an increased likelihood of problem behaviors at preschool age, according to a Finnish study published in the journal Pediatrics. Researchers said underlying "regulatory difficulties" may explain why babies cry too much when distressed and later have trouble controlling their behavior. HealthDay News (1/7)



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Suctioning Devices



Additions for

Isolette and Radiant Warmer

Bili-Bonnets &

Pacee Pacifiers



The only true oral and nasal suction on the market. 

Any one hole device causes trauma!

Bili Bonnet

Best on the market!  It stays in place better

and longer than any other. 

It blocks approx.90% of the light.

Positioning Devices

To provide security, reduce stress and

provide proper aligment for normal development. 

And helps decrease hospital stay.